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Takvin Azmayesh Parseh Company, in line with completing and developing its products, has introduced Parseh automated loading and unloading system, which can transform the freeze-drying process. The auto-loading robot, with its low-friction wheels, provides a flawless horizontal movement in the loading and unloading path of pharmaceutical vials.

Parseh robot is wirelessly connected to the main process control system and is powered for its movement on the rails installed in the shelves by batteries, which can keep the robot in a ready-to-work state for up to 24 hours.

   Thanks to this unique design, the required space for the cleanroom is significantly reduced, resulting in cost savings.

Advantages of the Parseh Robot:

  1. Reduction in the required space for system facilities:

   In the old loading and unloading systems, both in the front door and the back door of the freeze dryer, space had to be considered for hydraulic and control equipment, which has been eliminated in the Parseh automated system.

  1. Repairability, Easy Disinfection, and Lightweight:

   Due to the designs implemented in the research and development section, the weight of Parseh robot, along with all its electronic equipment, has been reduced to less than 15 kilograms, making it easy to move and repair. Another notable feature is that GMP requirements regarding system efficiency at any time have been considered in the system’s design, and the number of motors and batteries in the system is twice the amount needed for one loading.

  1. No Moving Parts Above the Vials:

   In Parseh unloading system, unlike many loading systems that, in the unloading state, a rod must pass over the top of the vials and reach the back of them, it does not have such a structure. In the unloading state, the last shelf rises a certain amount from its place so that the robot can pass underneath and reach the end of the chamber.

  1. Reduction in the Risk of Contact of Special Drugs with Humans:

   In the traditional loading process, in some specific drugs or drugs with radioactive effects, there is a possibility of contamination of the loading operator or transmission of contamination from the operator to the drugs. This issue has been resolved in the automated loading process.

  1. Reduction in the Risk of Environmental Contamination:

   Traditional loading systems that were accompanied by jacks moved by oil pressure, even though they were covered with a bellows, still had the risk of oil leakage into the cleanroom space.