History of Takvin Azmayesh Parseh Company:
Proposal for the Establishment of an Engineering
Company in Advanced Technologies by Engineer Gholamreza Hosseini.
Establishment of Takvin Azmayesh Parseh Company; Founded
in collaboration with Engineer Seyed Javad Atifeh, Dr. Mojtaba Zolfaghari, and
Engineer Gholamreza Hosseini.
Initiation of the Design and Manufacturing Process
of Industrial Freeze Dryers.
Obtaining Knowledge-Based Certificate; Approved by
the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology of the Presidency.
Unveiling the First Industrial Freeze Dryer (Model
FD100) Made in Iran.
  • Manufacture of the first industrial freeze dryer
    for probiotic drugs (BIO120).
  • Manufacture of the first food freeze dryer, model
  • Commencement of the design and manufacture of
    freeze dryers for injectable drugs, model PHS3.
  • Production of the new generation of FD100 food
    freeze dryers based on the latest technological updates worldwide
  • Delivery of the First Injectable Drugs Freeze Dryer
    (Vaccine) to Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute.
  • Delivery of the first injectable drugs freeze dryer
    (anticancer) to pharmaceutical companies.
  • Manufacture of the new generation of FD300 food
    freeze dryers based on the latest technological updates worldwide.
  • Design of FD600 and FD1000 food freeze dryer
  • Design of the Quick Freezing Room enclosure.
  • Manufacture of the First FD600 Food Freeze Dryer
    and Delivery to the Customer.
  • Manufacture of the first BIO360 probiotic drugs
    freeze dryer with a capacity of 360 kilograms and delivery to the customer.
  • Commencement of the design of the Auto Loading
    system for injectable freeze dryers.
  • Launch of New Production Halls Capable of
    Industrial Production of 50 Devices per Year.
  • Manufacture of the first model of the Auto Loading
    system of the Lyo shuttle type for injectable freeze dryers.
  • Commencement of export activities to target
  • Commencement of the construction of the country’s
    first freeze-drying food complex with a capacity of 20 tons per day in Arak
  • Manufacture of the first model of the Pusher type
    Auto Loading system.
  • Commencement of the design and manufacture of the
    Auto Filling device for injectable vials.

   After 15 years of tireless efforts in advanced technologies, particularly in the field of freeze-drying technology, Takvin Azmayesh Parseh Company has achieved the creation of a native and reliable technology. Our accomplishments include designing, producing, installing, and launching:

  • 27 pharmaceutical freeze dryers.
  • 40 food freeze dryers

   We have provided services to 65 pharmaceutical and food industries in the country. This collective and systematic effort continues, and with the help of the Almighty, they aim to become one of the giants in the pharmaceutical and food machinery industry worldwide by the year 2031.