About Us

Takvin Azmayesh Parse Corporation (Tapco Arak) was established in 2009 and has been involved in various design and engineering activities until 2013. Since 2013, the company has focused its efforts on the design and construction of freeze drying machines, and in September 2014, with the theme of designing and manufacturing industrial freeze dryers it was succeeded in gaining the grade of "Knowledge-based" in the evaluation of the vice president of science and technology. The company was also accepted into the Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute in 2015. In 2016, Tapco presented the first industrial freeze dryer in the country which took almost 32 months to design and construct and put the country among technology owners of the design and manufacturing of food and pharmaceutical freeze drying machines in the world. Tapco is now trying to become a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of freeze dryers in Iran and the region, relying on its technical and experienced managers and personnel. In order to create a legal and dynamic environment, the company administration has implemented a quality management system and succeeded in obtaining ISO 9001/2015 certification with the scope of designing and producing food and pharmaceutical freeze dryer machines from German RWTUV NORD company. Tapco, with the aim of becoming one of the main competitors with the ability to compete with other manufacturers in design and producing of advanced equipped freeze dryers is continuing the activity with the aim of reaching the country's goals, developing and strengthen privatization, utilizing the knowledge, experiences and ability of human resources. The company's vision includes the following outline, which is always pursue by the company executives:

  • Supplying customer’s demands and upgrading the quality of the products.
  • Development of research and new technologies attainment.
  • Expansion of domestic sales markets and access to foreign markets and export products.
  • Enhance the staff's ability and knowledge through continuous training.
  • The company's products are similar to European ones in case of quality and technology and compare with eastern countries in case of prices. All products also have warranty service and after-service, which is a very important advantage compared to foreign products.

Tapco, has been designing, manufacturing and installing more than 10 different industrial freeze dryers with various capacities, is now prepare to give services in pharmaceutical and food processing fields.